Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Discussion Questions for “When the Nerds Go Marching In” by Alexis Madrigal

1.) How do you think technological advances such as Narwhal are going to affect elections of the future? Do you think it will bring about necessary changes or just more campaign donations?
2.) Recently, the AP’s twitter account was hacked and a fake tweet was created mentioning the White House being bombed and Obama getting injured. The Dow dropped 100 points as a result of the false information. Do you think it’s wrong for society to place so much dependence on their social media?
3.) Do you think that by spreading influence via social media, such as Reddit, Facebook, or Twitter, the election campaigns are successfully increasing voter turnout?
4.) Many believe that political ads do not have a major effect on the public since most voters either already know who they’re going to vote for or rely on alternate sources of information to decide. Do you think it’s necessary for election campaigns to pour so much money into advertisements if they do not have a strong influence on viewers?
5.) Do you think Romney’s campaign would have had more success if he had a program running as smoothly as Narwhal for the Republicans? Do you think this new program is going to add a new level of competition between Democrats and Republicans to find better technologists for each election?

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