Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Discussion Questions for Sex, Lies, & Advertising

Discussion Questions for Sex, Lies & Advertising
*    Before reading this article, personally, I had never noticed the correlation of what ads tend to run in magazines to what their articles state, or that this was even happening. This article was written in 1990. Would you say that this is still an issue in any magazines? Women’s magazines?
*    At the start of this reading she states “women’s magazines are rarely taken seriously.” After reading this article why would you say that this statement would be true? Or would you disagree with this statement after the reading?
*    Why is there a difference in standards between men and women’s magazines?
*    What were some of the different industries that Ms. Tried to attract advertising from but failed? Why did they fail?
*    Why were some companies (foreign cars) uncomfortable with advertising to women, or even creating ads that exclude no one?
*    Why were these stereotypes of women allowed to effect business? 

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