Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Speech Outline: Arousing Aspirations: Lifestyle Apparel and High-Fashion

-Fashion companies have shifted their market to younger audiences
-Sexualised images in advertisements
-Companies are selling the idea of a lifestyle, instead of selling clothes
-Highly successful technique
-Market segmentation (Smart marketing technique)

-Reichert explains this phenomenon by using various fashion companies

1.) Abercrombie & Fitch (prominent example) 
-Initially targeted the "70s to death" range
-Eventually shifted its target to younger adults and teenagers
-The Quarterly 
2.) Tommy Hilfiger
3.) Ralph Lauren
-Previously synonymous with "patricians hanging out at country clubs, polo fields, and English country homes." 
-Shifted its target drastically by using sexual imagery

-High-fashion brands
4.) Gucci
-Highly sexualised images in its advertisements helped it “[transform] … from a tattered leather-goods company to a dazzling cutting-edge clothing and accessories icon.”
5.) Versace
6.) Christian Dior
-Like others, but incorporated lesbians in its ads
-'Stands out’ from other brands

-Clearly successful -- risk of being outcompeted if techniques are not utilised 
-According to a Market Facts survey, 44 percent of 18 to 24 year olds are more likely to buy clothing, advertised with sexy images
-These advertisements give these fashion brands a new image

My reaction:

-Smart marketing technique
-Market segmentation (in this case, demographics -- age)
Helpful because:
-Popularises brands
-Shapes popular opinions/images of brands
-Fashion companies are more successful (financially)
-Has prevented bankruptcy

-However, clothing companies are selling a lifestyle. Instead of selling clothes, its goals have deviated
-Individuals are conforming to a way of living, dictated by certain fashion companies
-Individuals are not being original -- they are not making choices for themselves 
-May create a conformist culture

-Controversial – the lieutenant governor of Illinois stated that “it’s like saying sex is OK to 12 and 13 year olds.”
-Promotes the idea that we should embrace sex to a greater degree, if we want to be successful, or fit in

-Clothes companies are changing drastically, perhaps for the better
-Extremely successful, in terms of popularity and financially
-New forms of lifestyle are being introduced
-However, people are becoming less individual

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