Monday, April 15, 2013

Online Assignment #3

When I first saw that I was an achiever, I did not agree with this result.  However, after reading the description of an achiever, I was not as skeptical.  I am extremely conservative, goal-oriented, and respect authority.  One aspect of an achiever that I agreed with the most was when they described them as career and family-oriented.  Although I do not have a career yet, I plan to be successful in my near future.  In addition, I expect my family to be beside me all the way.  I am also very close with my family, and I respect/ listen to practically everything they tell me.  The fact that my mother always pushes me to accomplish my goals may be why I am so goal-oriented.  If I cannot accomplish my goals the way I intended to, I feel very disappointed in myself.  So I always try to stay on track, so I do not have to feel dissatisfaction.

When I saw that I was also an experiencer, I did not agree with this result either.  After I read the description of an experiencer, my opinion remains.  Although I love socializing and will spend my time and money to be entertained with my friends, I do not need to be entertained at all times.  Sometimes I do prefer to be alone and get certain things done rather than constantly craving new things in my life.  It also stated that I purchase certain things to look "cool" and have "cool" things.  Considering I am never 'up-to-date' on the latest trends and/or wear high fashion clothing, I would not see myself as an experiencer.  Lastly, an experiencer likes red bull.  I hate red bull (it's bad for you).  

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