Monday, April 15, 2013

While I agree that I have the basic types of "Experience" and "Innovator" I feel as though it took a "snapshot" of me when it would have been better to take a "video". I love to "experience"(one of the personality types) and feel the life going on around me. I "believe" (another one of the personality types)  I have some of all of the types described by this test. Its truly hard to find a test that accurately describes a person to their core. To be honest I "think" (another type) most people have all of the personalities this test uses but each personality comes out in its own way at different times with different people. It's like playing a instrument, you only hear one note being played at a time, but as any music major will tell you, you actually are hearing lots of notes at once with one being particularity dominant at that point in time. As with any good song, notes change, just like people change in real life; you cant expect to know a person from just one note.
      By the way, I loved to "make" (another personality type) homemade repairs to my dented old tuba in high school. My brother and I would "invent/innovate" (another personality type) thing to help us in our chores around the house when I lived at home. My brother and I love to go camping and "survive" (another personality type) in the wilderness for a weekend or two. I "strive" (another personality type) to fit in and belong to many different groups of people including friends and family. Lastly, I "achieved" (the last personality type) a 4.1(or grater) GPA in both my junior and seniors years of high school and hopefully will "achieve" my dream of earning a doctorate.

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