Friday, April 19, 2013

Assignment 3

My results state that I am a "Striver" and "Experiencer".  Before reading what each classification actually means, I agreed with the results.  However, after reading the descriptions, my attitude changed.

The survey identifies me as a "Striver", in that I am trendy, fun loving, and motivated by achievement, to highlight a few.  I would definitely agree that I'm fun loving. I'm always fun to be around, have an outgoing personality, and tend to make a joke every now and then.  I wouldn't necessarily classify myself as trendy, however. Yes, I stay up-to-date with styles, music, etc., but I don't put heavy emphasis on my lifestyle to be considered trendy.  Upon being motivated by achievement, this I 100% agree with. I am always motivated to succeed and do my best at anything I set my mind to, which is usually the idea of achieving a goal.  Lastly, I would say that I am certainly not an active consumer.  Unlike most college students, I try to conserve my money for things I need most, rather than impulsively spend as much as my financial circumstances will allow.  The only thing I will impulsively spend money on is video games and anything sports related; shopping, however, not so much.

The survey also identifies me as an "Experiencer".  Before reading the description, I agreed with the statement.  After reading the description, I believe this classification is spot on. Like I said above, I have an outgoing personality, so I'm definitely enthusiastic, whether it may seem like it or not.  I love experiencing new things and living life on the edge. I love excitement, and I have uber amounts of energy when it comes to sports.  I'm probably one of the biggest Badger fans you'll ever meet! Lastly, I do spend a lot of money when it comes to socializing and social events.  The only thing I would disagree with about being an "Experiencer" is that Red Bull is definitely not one of my favorite things.

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