Monday, April 22, 2013

homework 3

My primary VALS type was an experiencer. I don't think that this is wrong, but I don't feel like it's completely accurate. I don't think of myself as an energetic person who is offbeat or risky and looking for new things to experience. I'm all for trying new things, but it isn't something I actively seek out. I just don't place as much importance on experiencing things as I do other things. I do like VW though. Conservative but reliable German engineering is admirable to me. I don't like Rolling Stone or Red Bull particularly. I don't like entertainment magazines or television. They just lack an intelligent feel that I look for.

My secondary type was innovator. I agree with what it says about liking taking charge of situations. I feel most in control when I am calling the shots. It makes me comfortable. I suppose my life is characterized by variety, but I don't think I accurately reflect the innovator's "cultivated taste for the finer things in life." I'm not that fancy. As for the favorite things, I also like BMW. I am a car person, so me liking almost any car manufacturer isn't surprising. But, BMW is a good company in my opinion. They are innovators and their cars are technologically advanced and perform well. I don't read Wired magazine, but I respect it. They are dead wrong about sparkling water though. I like to think of myself as somewhat manly, and sparkling water just doesn't fit that well.

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