Sunday, April 21, 2013

Online Assignment #3


The primary type they assigned to me was Striver.  I can easily say that this hardly describes me at all.  I definitely don't describe myself as a trendy person, as I usually go the opposite way of trends.  As far as fun loving, I suppose I like to have fun, but I feel that description could describe almost anyone. However, I do agree that I need the approval of others in order to feel that I have made an achievement in my work or studies.  Beyond that, nothing describes me at all.  I don't really need money to tell me how much of a success I am.  I don't care about stylish products; I'll just buy whatever works well.  I definitely am striving (hah, pun) to have a career instead of just saying I have a job, and saying I have a lack of skills and focus just irks me.  I don't really care about shopping and consuming all that much, unless it's for food.  Then it's exciting.  But the only thing I adore in the favorite things category is win the lottery.  That's always a nice thing to do.

The secondary type they have for me is the Achiever.  This is a slightly better description of me, but they could have done better.  I do have goals and family and friends do me a lot to me and are a central part of my life.  I do tend to have a bit more of a conventional life style and respect authority more than I see most others doing.  Predictability and stability are good things, but I really do enjoy intimacy and self-discovery.  As far as the market place, like I stated above, I don't care what I buy, as long as it works.  I don't need to demonstrate to my peers that I'm cool based on what I buy.  Nothing in the Favorite Things category describes me at all.

If needed to change my result, I think I could keep Achiever in its spot, but I could absolutely exchange Striver for anything besides Experiencer or Maker.  I feel that this survey did a horrible job describing me.  But maybe this test knows something about me I don't.  I hope not.  

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