Monday, April 15, 2013

Online Assignment #3

My primary category on the VALS test is an “Experiencer”. This is described as being motivated by self-expression, enthusiastic about new possibilities, seek variety and excitement as I savor the new potential. Being an “Experiencer” is also characterized as finding outlets in exercise, sports, outdoor recreation, and social activities. This part of the description is very accurate as I am very enthusiastic to express myself through art, writing, and sports. I am not an avid thrill-seeker, but I do enjoy new opportunities to explore and express myself in new ways. The second piece of this description is identifying me exactly. I am constantly taking a break from homework and other stressful activities that put a lot on my mind to play a sport. Whether it is swimming, Ultimate Frisbee, football, basketball, or even just going for a run, I am constantly using athletics and exercise to get stressful topics off my mind. I am also a huge advocate of the outdoors as I am an Eagle Scout and love to spend time in the wilderness. I find great escape from the world's problems when I am able to be by myself to enjoy Mother Nature and all it has to offer.

The third part of the description also says, "Experiencers spend a comparatively high proportion of their income on fashion, entertainment, and socializing. Purchases reflect the emphasis the consumer places on looking good and having the most up to date stuff." This is the part that I would highly disagree with when evaluating myself. I am very frugal about spending money and I have always been taught to save my money for the things in life that will matter most to me. I rarely spend money on the "cool" clothing just because the media or society says it is "in." The only time I frequently spend money on a specific thing for socializing is on dates with my girlfriend. I rarely go out to eat without her, I am very conservative of my expenses and like to track where, when and how I spend money. Everything else was pretty accurate except the second piece of the description.

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