Thursday, April 18, 2013

My primary VALS type is Experiencer, which I feel is a fairly accurate description of me. Impulsive is used to describe an Experiencer, and is a very good description of myself. I often jump right into things without a whole lot of thought or planning. I will act first, then reflect on it later. I also use sports as an outlet for my energy. If I don't go running or work out at least once a day, I'm full of excess energy that makes it hard to concentrate on other tasks. However, I am not concerned about fashion, as the description states, nor do I spend a high proportion of my income on it. I do spend a lot of money on socializing though, another trait of the Experiencer.

My secondary type is Achiever, which is also a good representation of me. The Achiever favors prestigious brands, exemplified by my purchasing of only Nike or Under Armor when it comes to athletic apparel. I also have a deep commitment to my family and value self-discovery. I do differ from a pure Achiever in that I do not value stability over risk. Part of my impulsiveness is valuing the reward of a risk more than the fear of the negative consequences. I'm also not too interested in Hondas or Every Day with Rachael Ray.

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