Saturday, April 20, 2013

Numero Tres.

The survey said I am  “Striver/Experiencer”. As I read the description for “Striver” I guiltily agreed with most things. While I pride my self in being motivated by achievement, I do unfortunately realize that perhaps money does define success in my life. In the “Striver” category, there is also a big emphasis on fashion, and I this is one of the claims I out right disagree with. Most of my clothes are 2 or 3 years old and by my standard, that is perfectly fine with me. I do not want to be a scrub, but I do not take the time or invest my money to look like a Kardashian. I’m not unwilling to spend money, but I make sure it is on something I absolutely need and well get use out of. The favorite things were pretty far from my actual favorite things seeing as I’m a Ford girl and proud of it, and would much prefer Pepsi to coke, not to mention my lack of reading any magazines, let alone the one listed…  The first part of the “Experiencers” description I believe hit the nail on the head, place most of my energy into living and experiencing life, which usually leads me to the great outdoors. But then again, the description veers towards a consumer path, which I am starting to hope I am not oblivious to. I do not by any means consider what I wear “cool” nor do others. But the Favorite things on here, was slightly more accurate as I happen to drive a VW when I’m home, and love to be entertained.

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