Monday, April 22, 2013

VALS Survey

According to the VALS study, I am a Striver/Experiencer. I don't buy into these types of surveys as my answers to the questions probably change from day to day depending what kind of mood I'm in.  According to the VALS survey results, some of my favorite things as a striver are Chevrolet, Playboy, Coke Classic, and "win the lottery."  Gee. Can't argue with that. As an Experiencer, my favorite things are VW, Rolling Stone, Red Bull, and "to be entertained."  This seems to contrast with my apparent love of Chevrolet and Coke Classic.  My purchases "reflect the emphasis that they place on looking good and having 'cool' stuff."  There probably is nothing more important to me than other people thinking I'm "cool" and being envious of my "stuff." 
None of that was serious. However, under the Striver section, it also says "many Strivers see themselves as having a job rather than a career, and a lack of skills and focus often prevents them from moving ahead."  That actually makes sense.  I only focus on sleeping.

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