Monday, May 6, 2013

Facebook Archive (Online Assignment #4)

As scary as it is to know that all of that can be obtained by anyone if they try hard enough, regardless of privacy settings is slightly frightening, however I can’t say that we haven’t been warned. We are told time after time that everything you put online stays on there forever, so that part of it doesn’t seem to phase me too much. The scary part for me, was how cool I thought I was when I first got my Facebook. Between the pages I liked and my favorite quotations, I have now reconfirmed my suspicions of just how strange I was(/am).
I think Facebook should be allowed to store this information, again considering we knew what we were getting ourselves into and that they are willing to share with us all that they are collecting. It’s the information they do not display openly that slightly bothers me simply because I feel like we have the right to know what they are storing. I wish I could see what happens with pictures I am tagged in of someone else’s and also what happens when I untag myself from a picture, like whether it still identifies that picture with me.
All in all, I think it is somewhat reasonable for them to be able to collect and store this kind of information but I hope that they elect not to use this against its users in negative ways because I think that will be when there are revolts.

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