Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Assignment 4

I first got my Facebook at the end of my Freshman year of high school. Just looking through the first messages I ever sent, I can't believe I sounded/wrote like that. It's kind of funny. The way I wrote was like text lingo now a days, like, you- u, are-r, be- b, and so on. As I looked through the messages, continuously making my way from Freshman year to now, it amazes me how my writing style has changed. I like the idea that we can see everything we do/have done in the past. I think it's neat. For me, it's a way to stay in touch with my old self and see how I've matured and progressed over the years.

Next I looked through my pictures and videos. I remember all the videos I uploaded, but some of the pictures of me I posted way back when I totally forgot about. Reflecting on it now, I kind of wonder why I even posted what I did. But I was young and stupid, so that's probably why!

My thoughts about Facebook storing all of this information is neutral. I understand and have been told numerous times that anything I put on the web is vulnerable and accessible to pretty much anyone.  Therefore, I am in favor of Facebook storing all of this information. For me, it's a way to control what I should and shouldn't post in the future. I'm not necessarily against Facebook storing all of this information, but it's just creepy. It's scary how much I've actually done on Facebook, and the fact that all of it is stored and visible for me to see is just too weird.

I know we've all been told that whatever we put on Facebook, Twitter, etc. is likely to be checked by our future employers.  With this in mind, I generally keep my Facebook pretty clean with regards to statuses, photos, and videos. If I do feel the need to use some vulgar language, for example, I'll use Twitter because I believe most employers place a heavier emphasis on Facebook instead of Twitter, but that's my opinion.  Seeing my Facebook archive today showed me that I indeed have kept my Facebook clean, and I will continue to do so in the future.

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