Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Online Assignment #4

Looking at my facebook info was pretty interesting, I actually sent some of my friends old, very strange, and very nerdy conversations we had when we were in eighth grade and really cool. It was nice having everything laid out so I could get a better perception of how I portray myself over facebook. However, it’s pretty unsettling realizing how much information facebook has about my life, now that I think about it; I’ve poured a lot of faith into the website with my personal information. All of the conversation’s I’ve had with friends are recorded and stored, many of which I had forgotten about a long time ago. I don’t like that fact that facebook has access to all of this information; it makes me wonder what authority the creators have to handle that immense amount of data. I do understand that it’s convenient for advertisers to pin point their target audience more accurately and effectively through the things we express interest in. I can understand the purpose of keeping tabs on the things we like and the music we listen to and other information we provide about ourselves (such as schools we attend, where we work, etc.) since it is something I’m okay with the public to see. As far as tracking locations of photos taken on iphones and keeping a log of every time we sign on like we saw in the video we watched in lecture, I don’t see the purpose. It’s unnecessary information for facebook to have if they only want to figure out what we’d be most capable of purchasing. Although we all agree to post our personal information on the internet, we do it because we are lead to believe that it is private and secure. If that personal information were provided to anyone other than me then it really would be a violation of privacy and we deserve to be aware of when people such as employers, future schools, or advertisers ever want to have a closer look at our pages.

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