Friday, May 10, 2013

Online Assignment #4

Most of my Facebook archive was not very interesting considering I never delete anything and it's already on my profile for me to see. The only part that I thought was fun to go through was my old messages. It brought back so many good memories (and some bad ones). Since I have had a Facebook since 8th grade there were definitely things I forgot about. During high school, I went to Costa Rica and my only way of communicating with family and friends back home was through Facebook so reading those messages reminded me of a lot of things I had forgotten happened on that trip. Reading the messages also made me miss everyone back home since it brought back so many memories from the past. I do feel like some of my messages were not in my archive because there are some people I have been messages for years and there weren't nearly enough there between us.

It doesn't bother me at all that Facebook store this information. I feel that when I sign up for a website, anything I post or do on there should be available to the company providing me with the service. I have been taught since a young age that anything posted online is not private so I have just accepted that that is just the way it is. If someone has a problem with Facebook accessing their information, then they should not post that info on that company's website.

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