Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Assignment #4

            After going through my Facebook archive there were a few things I found to be very interesting. First of all, there were some messages in my saved messages that I know I had deleted a while ago, most of the time because I don’t want to remember that conversation I had. Yet, there were many of those conversations on my messages files. In addition, there seemed to be some messages missing. I know I have talked to some of my best friends a lot on Facebook, most of the time about useless stuff and some of those conversations were not on this log. I am kind of disappointed about this, because it would have been really funny to read some of those conversations. My question about this is what messages does Facebook choose to save? Or do they have all of them saved and didn’t disclose them to me when I sent in my request?
            I believe this is not invasion of privacy, as long as this information is not publically shared. When someone uses Facebook they need to realize that everything they send and do, Facebook can obviously see. This can also be useful for some people because of bullying issue and all the problems that can come from this technology being available. If Facebook is using my information to gather general information about my demographic, I believe that is fine as I see it no different than any other service people use. Yet, if Facebook were to specifically look at my information and give info about me specifically, which I hope they are not doing, then I would see a problem with that. 

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