Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Online Assignment #4: Facebook Archive

As I was looking through my Facebook archive a few things came to my attention right away:
1. I rarely go on Facebook and post or do anything noteworthy
2. Even though I am rarely "active" how much information they know about me
3. The type of information they know about me.

Like I said, I rarely use Facebook in general. I never post anything, I have less than 300 pictures and the majority of them are ones I am tagged in rather than ones I posted myself, I will sometimes message people if I dont have their phone number, and every once in a while I will post "Happy Birthday" to someone's wall. That being said I really don't have as much information archived as many people do just because I am less active and use Facebook in a different way.

However, I was amazed at how much information they do have based off how little I use it. Every conversation I have ever had with anyone, dating back to 2009 when I first got my Facebook, is in their archive of my profile. I was surprised how they differentiate the 'pictures' category too. It was separated by every album, then the pictures with me in them, and then the ones that were synced off my phone.

Another thing that I didn't realize until this week is that everyone of my "interests," "likes," or anything else to show what I find amusing is all right there for Facebook to use readily. It also makes sense to me now, seeing what I have as interests and matching them up with what advertisements pop up on my side bar.

Based off looking through all of the information I searched through I am split on the 'invasion of privacy' topic. I completely understand that Facebook is primarily a business and that we are using their product, but I don't feel Facebook should have the ability to archive every message I have ever sent. I don't think my messages I have with my friends or family on Facebook should have/do have any impact on what products I am advertised. By all means, the interests and 'likes' show advertisers what I enjoy and that is how Facebook makes money. I just don't believe every word I ever post or message on Facebook needs to be archived.

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