Monday, May 6, 2013

Online Assignment 4 - Facebook archive

I recently reactivated my Facebook account to look through the contents in my archive. To be honest, I was not surprised about the information that I found in my archive – that’s because I was not an active user of Facebook. I only used it to keep up with friends I wasn’t too familiar with it, and thus rarely made updates or posted pictures on my account. Moreover, because I refused to update or fill in my personal information list (including the various schools I have attended during my life, my political beliefs, etc.), I was relatively jaded by the information that I received from Facebook. In retrospect, most of the data from my Facebook account consisted of friends (and people that I’m not too familiar with) posting on my wall (or rather, attempting to) in hopes of getting me to use Facebook.

On a related note, I think that it is Facebook’s prerogative to store the information that individuals post (which, ironically, turns out to be the principal reason why I have declined to use their services). I do not think that it is an invasion of privacy. Rather, because Facebook’s user agreement and services (EULA) specify what the company is able to do, I have no complaints to make. As well, we are taught to be vigilant in the Internet, by many individuals (including various respected authorities, such as the local Louisville government), but also from several organisations, including government regulators. In other words, because so many authorities have warned us to be careful about posting data (that can potentially be sensitive), I am of the opinion that the storing of information of individuals is a ‘reasonable provision of services.’

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