Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Online Assignment 4

            When I opened up my Facebook archive for the first time, the first piece of information I looked at was my messages archive. I got a blast of nostalgia as I scrolled through messages from 8th grade all the way up to last week. I then viewed the three videos I posted on Facebook my freshman year of high school but completely forgot about until now. Other than the messages and the videos, none of the information presented in the archive was that surprising to me. All of it was information easily accessible simply by looking at my own profile. The data is presented in a much more concise and accessible format than it is on my profile, but it is still the same data. I was expecting statistics such as how much time I’ve spent on the website and how many times I’ve logged in.
            I have no problem with Facebook storing the information they presented in the archive. All of that data is material that I’ve willingly put on Facebook to share and let other people access. I am however concerned that Facebook is not sharing everything that they have on me. I know for a fact that Facebook works with advertisers to target specific users with ads, and I am worried that my information might be being sold to third parties. The only people I am comfortable sharing the information I posted with are the 705 friends I have either requested or accepted. The thought that some advertising agency could have access to the photos I posted is a disturbing one.

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