Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wounded but Not Slain Discussion Questions

1.     Is it fair to say that newspapers underestimated the effect that television would have on their business even though they owned a good portion of them? Why?
2.     At one point we talked about how newspapers got most of their income from the government instead of advertisers. Looking back, does it seem like switching to advertisers was a good choice? Why or why not?
3.     The title of the article is: “Wounded but Not Slain” looking at the present situation of the newspapers do you think they really are just wounded? Will newspapers make it into the next century or do you think online news sites and television will completely replace them? Explain.
4.     Have you ever seriously sat down and read an article in a newspaper? If you have was it more or less enjoyable than watching it on TV or reading online? If you haven’t, for what reasons do you think you haven’t?
5.     Do you think TV’s might be “replaced” by anything in the future like mobile devices? Why?

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