Sunday, February 3, 2013

Online Assignment #1

Name: Erica Motz

Hometown: Hales Corners, WI (a small suburb of Milwaukee)

Article: I'm not going to pretend to understand everything about cultures that I've never experienced or studied extensively, but this article does a good job of convincing me that that there is a serious problem with treatment towards Islamic women.  In my somewhat uninformed opinion, burkas for grown women are absurd enough--why should women have to cover their entire faces just so men aren't tempted to rape them?  That seems like more of a problem with the self-control of the men than the suggestiveness of the women.  But a fatwa (edict/law) requiring burkas for babies?  There's no way babies are trying to provoke rape.  I found this article on reddit, and I think one commenter summed it up perfectly when he said "They should issue a fatwa about not raping babies..."  This picture does a pretty good job of expressing my feelings on the matter too.   

Music: Music is one of the very few things I'm really passionate about.  It's hard to categorize my taste, so I'll just link to a few of my favorite songs.  "Druggies wit Hoes Again" is getting me really excited for what ScHoolboy Q will put out next.  Listen to it here.  This is my favorite song off of "Still Cruising" by Slices, one of the best hardcore releases of last year (in my opinion).  Slices are awesome because they started out as two high-school aged brothers who didn't really know how to play their instruments and they've evolved to this.  This is one of my favorite punk albums from last year: "Sorry" by White Lung.  I also really love Deerhoof; it's hard to pick but this is probably my favorite song by them: "Secret Mobilization."  Both Deerhoof and White Lung are playing in Madison in April and I'm super stoked about it. 

Video: Sometimes I feel like my sense of humor is really stupid but I hope everybody else finds this amusing too.  Considering the fact that this video has over 16 million views you may have already seen it but here it is anyway:

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