Monday, February 4, 2013

Assignment 1.

Online Assignment #1.

Name: Emily Hegel

Hometown: Rockton, IL

MUSIC: Pop music lately has been rubbing me the wrong way lately. How overrun the industry has become with meaningless music and greedy producers, really puts me off so I turn to the oldies. The Eagles are always a solid pick for any occasion, but nothing snaps me out of a sour mood (and reminds me of my father) better than Get Over It. When the Eagles are not playing, Bob Seger or Billy Joel usually is. Note that most of the links provided are to live performances, because I believe the live versions of songs are the best indicators of a song- it shows the singer's passion, not for making money but for doing what they love. (The greatest example of this HAS to be Garth Brooks' entire double live album but in particular Friends in Low Places.)

ARTICLE: As I was sitting in my Psychology lecture I saw a headline for this article on the student's laptop in front of me, and it drew me in so I figured I'd look it up. Despite how ridiculous it is that the man has just about everything he could possibly want, yet is still not confident enough to take a joke, it is even more ridiculous that to someone like Donald Trump, 5 million dollars is pocket change.

VIDEO: My brother posted this on Facebook, seeing that it was titled "people are awesome" and my brother is possibly the most pessimistic person I have met, I figured I'd check it out. Pretty spectacular; however, I can't help but wonder how many attempts some of those tricks took to master. If I had to guess by the look of jubilation in the celebration shots it must have been upwards of a hundred.

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