Saturday, February 2, 2013

Online Assignment #1

Name:  Philip Anderson

Hometown:  South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Article:  With all the talk about the Super Bowl, it'd seem like all the players in there are eager to talk about themselves and their big game.  However, I like to see that one of the players in Superbowl is not standing out all that much, the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, Joe Flacco.  This article talks about how Joe Flacco acts more like a regular guy compared to most NFL players.  Even his own father says that Joe Flacco is "dull".  I just find it interesting in this day and age of sticking out and making yourself known, there are some people who don't really try to get attention all that much.

Music:  I'm not all that interested in the music that is played in today's world.  It just doesn't appeal to me all that much.  I really have a tough time trying to figure out what they're saying, especially in rap genre.  However,  one genre that I really take an interest to is classical music.  It's good music to listen to when you just want to relax or have a little study music.  Right now, I like listening to The Planets by Gustav Holst.  It has different musical musical renditions for eight planets, except Earth.  My favorite part to listen to is when the orchestra does the piece for Jupiter.  I find it really interesting and dramatic as it gets toward the middle and end. 

Video:  I suppose the video below is technically a music video, but I feel that seeing the video is the main part compared to just hearing it.  It's one of the many music compositions by Rhett & Link, who are popular Youtube video makers.  They do a lot of videos such as music videos, small skits, and have a weekday morning show that I make sure to watch everyday.  The video below is one of their best in my opinion, Rub Some Bacon on It.  I'd recommend that you give it a look and a listen and check out some of their other great videos on their channels.

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