Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Prepared Speech "Coda: The Advent of Media"

Rylee Drugan
Prepared Speech
Coda: The Advent of Media
Introduction:  “The arrival of something huge.”
Main points:
·         Effects throughout history
o   Source of wealth
§  Powerful/ profitable
o   Connected networks
§  Buying and selling
§  Strategic advantages
o   Spread of culture/ religion
o   Politics
§  Campaigning
o   Values/ beliefs
§  Manipulative
·         Different forms and different ways to influence
o   Print media
o   Movies (film)
·         “Manufactured Media”
o   Nonfactual opinions
o   “Sense of evidence” – Walter Lippman
My Claim:
·         Media is crucial
o   Shapes our lives positively
§  Exciting
o   Shapes our lives negatively
§  Dangerous
§  3rd Person Effect
·         Future?
o   More advancements/ what effects?

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