Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Online Assignment #1

Name: Megan
Hometown: Madison, WI

Article: This is a combination of a video and article that is so shocking to me. You always hear about how cruel some animals are treated before they are killed but it has continued to happen, and seems to be getting worse with time. I believe this article sheds an interesting viewpoint of what is needed to capture people's attention.

Music: Growing up I was a singer, so I came to appreciate all different types of music. Currently the music I have been loving is a weird combination. I have been obsessed with Thrift Show and Justin Bieber especially his new acoustic album I have been loving. Yes, I am a college student and secretly loving Justin Bieber, it happens. My other recent love is some One Direction, they remind me of when I was younger and there were lots of boy bands.

Video: I stumbled upon this video this morning and have watched it on repeat for most of the day. This video just makes you want to smile. Recently I have come down with some virus of something and have not wanted to get out of bed and watching this video makes me feel a little better and brightens my mood.

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