Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Speech Outline for Journalism Ethics

Philip Anderson
Journalism Ethics amid Structural Change Speech
1.      Introduction:  Journalism is undergoing a ethnical change
a.       Thesis:  Journalism is undergoing a change which is causing it to decide to change or retain its ethics because of four different changes of the Journalistic Structure:  Economic, Organizational, Narrative, and Relationship.
2.      Summary
a.       Economic Changes
                                                              i.      The Great Recession Caused Many Readers and Advertisers to leave
                                                            ii.      The Internet is Cheaper to Advertise and Easier for Readers to Access
b.      Organizational Changes
                                                              i.      Convergence of Fast Internet News and Printed, with Less Journalists
c.       Narrative Changes
                                                              i.      Internet stories never end
                                                            ii.      Journalist Blogs reveal Journalists with Opinions
d.      Relationship Changes
                                                              i.      Audience and Journalists are Closer than Ever
3.      Singer’s Conclusion
a.       Journalists need to commit to the truth, but adapt to the changing structure
b.      Journalism needs to stay with audience to keep social power to maintain integrity and keep those in power in check
4.      My Thoughts:  Journalism must continue to be relevant and necessary for a Democracy, but the way to that with the changes is more unclear
a.       Need to find the perfect balance of truth and objectivity, while still keeping financially sound
b.      There will be bias, as discussed in lecture, but to strive for the unbiased nature is key
c.       We have to allow the media to find the balance without ourselves influencing it, nor the Big businesses
5.      Conclusion:  A change is coming for Journalism because of the changes brought by the economy and internet, but Journalism will stay true to its calling of truthful reporting if we allow it to.  

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