Monday, March 18, 2013

“Journalism Ethics Amid Structural Change” Discussion Questions

Jane Singer mentions how “hit logs” on news web pages make it easier for news organizations to see what stories garner interest. Should these “hit logs” drive content, given that the public is expressing what kind of stories it wants to see?
-Do news organizations even have the option to ignore the hit logs, considering that page views are vital in gaining online revenue?

Singer calls the online form of journalism “likely to be inferior to the care taken with the legacy (print) one.” Considering that most of us receive the majority of our news from online outlets, is this concerning that we are receiving “inferior” news.

Singer claims that “the journalist no longer is alone in carrying out the process of determining what is true and meaningful,” giving some of the responsibility to the online audience. When reading an online article, do you pay any attention to the comments or the links provided within the story?
-Is the journalist’s role increased or diminished with the emergence of this online forum?

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