Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Owning it all" discussion questions

Eric Klinenberg states that "newspapers provide the core editorial content for radio, TV, and internet sites.... Without newspaper repoting, most other news media would have little basis for their journalism".

  • How much influence do you believe the newspapers have on other media sources?
  •  Do you think the other media sources could survive without the newspapers and would they be more or less successful without the newspapers?

As media changes, the amount of newspaper options decrease. Nearly every city dropped to only having one daily newspaper.

  • How do you think this effected the market (do you think the amount of readers decreased for non-local papers as well)?
  •  Do you believe that newspapers are found more attractive when they are locally owned? Why?

What do you think about cross-ownership with newspaper and TV?

  • Would cross-ownership be a fair way to keep newspapers alive? 
  • Do you believe it would actually lead to a specific media market towards dominating the overall market during this digital age?

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