Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Speech Outline for Ch. 8&9 Blur

Jonah Bastin
J 201
Prepared Speech
Speech Outline
1.     Chapters 8&9 in Blur: How to know what’s true in the age of information over load.
a.     Chapter 8
                                               i.     Decide what’s important, how much time to spend on it, and how we should react
                                             ii.     The most reliable news has a method which usually includes some of these steps:
1.     Know the history so you can understand the context and other underlying issues
2.     Identify the goals of the group
3.     Investigate wither the group meets their goals
4.     Question members about current situation
5.     Tell in understandable way
6.     Use an emotional appeal
b.     Chapter 9
                                               i.     More than gatekeepers:
1.     Verify info
2.     Put into context
3.     Search for social wrong doing
4.     Make things known to public
5.     Help those with a small voice
6.     Sort important and non-important
7.     Create places for an open discussion
8.     Show path to amateur writers
                                             ii.     New Newsroom
1.     Must reaffirm proof
2.     Be transparent
3.     Specialize in a certain area or find a specialist
4.     Develop new skills (more tech savvy)
5.     Utilize editors
6.     Change definition of what news is
c.     Synthesis
d.     Agree but would add

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