Thursday, January 31, 2013

Online Assignment 1

Name: Jack Peirson

Hometown: I am from Shoreview, MN which is 20 minutes north of St. Paul, MN.

Article: Many people have no idea that Frank Lloyd Wright, an acclaimed and famous architect, attended the University of Wisconsin- Madison for a couple of years before dropping out and doing his own work. This article is a short, but fascinating read as it displays some of Wright's famous accomplishments in architecture. The piece I found most interesting is that Wright actually constructed and proposed a blueprint for Memorial Union. There are several links under this very brief article that I strongly suggest checking out. My all-time favorite structure by Wright is a house he called 'Fallingwater'. Scroll through the four pictures and be amazed by the last one!

Music: I am actually in the process of finding some very impressive songs done by Imagine Dragons. I think everyone has probably heard , but I would like to show you a few other songs they have done that have really caught my attention. The first is a song called Tiptoe, and the second one I would strongly suggest if you haven't heard it yet is On Top of the World. The part that I love about their songs is that there is true and authentic meaning behind their songs which I think really adds a lot to a song.

Video: One of my favorite movies is Miracle on Ice which portrays the incredible, under-dog story of the 1980 US Men's Olympic hockey team. This story tells a key part in American history and is an inspiring story that goes far beyond the sports world. I believe this story that was made into a movie, portrays the importance of a strong work-ethic, leadership, hard work, dedication, pride, and resilience. My favorite clip from this movie is the pre-game speech by Herb Brooks before they play the Soviets. Although many of you have probably seen the original before, this kid does a fantastic representation!

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