Wednesday, January 30, 2013

About Me - (Blogger Version)

Name: Caleb Donald Townsend

Hometown: Lake Summerset, Illinois

To give you an idea on the type of place I'm from, just go ahead and press zoom in until you see Lake Summerset, IL. (It's going to take a couple of clicks...)

Music:  My taste is music is about as diverse as a New York Subway system.  Since this is my first ever semester away from home, I've had this song stuck in my head.  On the other hand I am a huge N'Sync, and more specifically, JT fan...therefore, when I first heard this, I kind of went a little crazy.  Other than that I like you know the soft, relaxing sounds such as this. (turn your speakers up...the song is kind of hard to hear).

Video: This on goes out to all us college kids who had a month off for winter break.  We're all sorts of not in the mood to do anything school related yet.  I hope that this video can inspire and encourage all of us to step up and get through this year. "We were made to be awesome, give the world a reason to dance." Maybe I can score major brownie points since he quotes the great Robert Frost...


Delusional? I think so.
This article just was published on  How can Moss say that he is the best wide receiver to ever play the game with not even a Super Bowl ring on his finger yet?  Maybe I am a little biased since I am still salty about Moss mooning the Packer fans during a game a couple of years back, however, all the records and evidence show that Moss, while near the top of the best receivers to play the game, is not THE best to play the game.

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