Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Discussion for Wednesday: National News and The Nation

Here are a few questions that I thought of after doing the reading.

1.) While reading this chapter of the article, I noticed that each newspaper the article addressed seemed to utilize a unique strategy in order to gain an audience and create success. For example, one strategy I found particularly interesting was utilized by the Washington Post. The article touched on the fact that Meyer, the owner of the newspaper at the time, decided to keep the newspaper unaffiliated from any political party even though the paper was in the heart of an extremely political city. This was one strategy that the Post used to separate itself and gain success.

What strategies did you find interesting that either of the newspapers touched on in the article used? Why do you think these strategies were successful for that particular paper?

2.) In lecture, Professor Wells talked about the concept of the two main views of communication: the transmission view and the ritual view. In thinking about the newspapers, which view do you think this particular form of communication embodies? How so?

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